8. Staying Healthy

Information and Resources:

Teens and young adults should understand the basics of healthy living. Many resources explain proper nutrition and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as:

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA): Provides information and videos on nutrition, sample menus, eating on a budget, daily food plan.
  • My Life Check (American Heart Association): Explains Simple 7 Factors for health; includes self-assessment.
  • Life’s Simple 7 for Kids (American Heart Association): Excellent explanation of the Simple 7 aimed at kids.

Teens and young adults should also learn to set health goals and to speak up for themselves when necessary to reach their goals. For example, if they need a support person to help them achieve an exercise goal, they should learn how to ask for assistance. Or if they are concerned about having healthy foods in their home, they can learn how to take part in the meal planning and shopping.

Resources that help young adults learn how to advocate for their health and set health goals are:

  • My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility (WIHD): Includes sections on nutrition, physical activity, safety at home, emotional health, health self-advocacy, and setting goals.
  • Setting Health Goals (HealthyTransitions NY): Education module describing self-determination and setting goals, offers examples of health goals.

A part of good health is having fulfilling social relationships, including sexual ones if that is appropriate for your family member. This is often a very difficult area for families to consider. These resources can be helpful in understanding sexuality education:

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